Laganas bay is situated on the Southern side of the island, protected from the Northerly winds, and thereby offering a sea that is both warm and calm every day. From one side of the Bay at Gerakas, to the other side at Marathia, there are 14km of beaches of varying natures. At a depth of 6 miles and with the two islets Pelouzo and Marathonisi, Laganas Bay offers a truly amazing ensemble of clear blue sea and lush green scenery. It is here that the sea turtle Caretta-caretta lives harmoniously with man, the local resident that is known around the world for his hospitable nature.

Laganas has everything a tourist could ask for: endless beaches with crystal clear water and hidden caves approachable only by boat, scenic harbors and islets, unique sunsets, lush green trails, and picturesque villages.

Laganas strikes an ideal balance between the manmade and the natural environment, and between the serene and the cosmopolitan lifestyle. The Laganas experience combines traditions, nature, culture, sport, environmental education and entertainment, all to satisfy every desire.

Laganas satisfies the senses as well, with the sight of the colorful landscape, the scent of the sea and vegetation, the taste of local delicacies, and the sounds of nature and happy holidaymakers.