Laganas is a very famous holiday destination not only for Greece but also for many foreign countries and is the most popular resort on Zakynthos. It is located on the south side of the island and 8 kilometers from the main town of the island. The tourism infrastructure in the region is widely developed with hotels and lodges of all categories. The main road of Laganas and the surrounding streets have many restaurants, bars and taverns that tend to the taste of Greeks and tourists.

Its famous 9 kilometer-length Laganas beach is considered one of the best in Greece. The calm sea and clean shallow warm waters and golden sand make Laganas an ideal spot for families with small children. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island, preferred not only by visitors but also by the loggerhead sea turtle caretta-caretta for the nesting and hatching of her offspring.

It is important to mention that the beach does not have jellyfish as they are the “favorite food” of sea turtles.

This beach is considered the most fashionable on the island while its excellent organization can accommodate even the most demanding tourist that seeks to enjoy sun, sea and water sports (motorized water sports are strictly prohibited).

Laganas Bay has acquired an international reputation as a haven of the caretta - caretta sea turtle that lays its eggs on the sandy and warm beach. It is one of the few Mediterranean spots the sea turtle has selected for reproduction. For the bay's protection, Laganas and the surrounding regions have been declared a National Marine Park. Tourism infrastructure in the area has been developed under conditions so as not to affect the reproductive process of the sea turtle.

Visitors can sail around the bay on a small boat, see the turtles swimming and take short excursions to the islets of Laganas Bay (Marathonisi, Pelouzo and Agios Sostis).

The beach of Laganas is connected to the island of Agios Sostis by a wooden bridge, in the area “Limanaki”, a shelter for small fishing boats and yachts.