Culture and the arts are very much a part of the life in Laganas. Cultural events held throughout the year provide not only entertainment but also give visitors an opportunity to experience the area's unique forms of theater and music. In addition to the famous kantades, or serenades, which are especially popular during carnival and summertime, visitors can also attend omilies, satirical plays with roots in the middle ages that are performed solely by men.

Visitors will also enjoy the many religious festivals:
On 3rd May, it's a public feast in Macherado village to honour St. Timotheos ad St. Mavra.
On August 15th, Assumption Day, in honor of the Virgin in the different villages of the region.
On August 24th, it's St. Dionysios Day. Great Celebration of the Patron Saint of Zakynthos island, public feast and procession of St. Dionysios relics in Zakynthos Town.
Further, a number of parallel cultural events are now scheduled in efforts to upgrade and enrich the annual wine festival.