Besides its extensively developed tourism infrastructure, Laganas is also an agricultural region with raisins and olives as its main crops. And there is significant fishing as well, in the Municipality. Olive collecting in the age-old manner, traditional and modern oil presses, grape harvesting and winemaking, as well as numerous other activities of tourist interest in the primary sector of agricultural production can help in the development of alternative and agrotourism.

Bakeries in the villages of Laganas still bake bread and pies in traditional wood-burning ovens. Outstanding local produce form the basis of excellent traditional local dishes that are best when accompanied by the local wines, Verdea(white) and augustiatis(red). Visitors should be sure to sample the district's cheeses, raisins and the traditional sweets, pasteli and mandolato.

  • Local Products

Products: Olive oil, Raisins, Honey, Wild strawberries, Melons, Water onions

Cheeses: Gruyere, Oil cheese, μυζήθρα, πρέτζα

 Wines: Verdea (White), Avgoustiatis (Red) 

The traditional sweets of Zakynthos are known on the island for many years since Venetian rule and recipes have been passed on from generation to generation.

Mandolato (Nougat)

The “mandolato” is a typical Venetian sweet, made with egg whites beaten in meringue, honey, sugar and almonds. According to tradition, this sweet is consumed mainly during carnival season. The name comes from the Italian word “mandorla”, which means “almond”, while the Italians refer to it as “mandorlato” (translated “filled with almonds”) while there are several local variations. In Zakynthos you will find many small nougat bakeshops that maintain the traditional way of making the sweet, always offering the best quality of their products. As a sweet, the nougat resembles a piece of chocolate and has a hard surface-this element ensures its excellent quality. The original nougat contains no preservatives and is preserved outside of the refrigerator in the summer for 10 days as it then becomes soft.


Pasteli is another sweet closely connected with Zakynthian tradition and is made with sesame seeds and honey with the addition of almonds and sugar. Pasteli is produced in several bakeshops on Zakynthos from September until May, because when the temperature is high it cannot be shaped easily. All traditional bakeshops follow the very old customary recipe and it is preserved the same way as the nougat.

Pasteli is a refreshing sweet, rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. Its roots come from Homer's Iliad, while studies show that it has beneficial health qualities mainly due to the sesame seeds and honey it contains. This combination provides a number of components necessary for the daily function of the human body. Among its most important qualities are the antioxidants it contains that are based on the consistency of the sesame seeds.


The fytoura is made with semolina and water, fried in olive oil and doused with sugar. Pasteli and fytoura are consumed mainly during festivals and are made at outdoor stalls.


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