Sea Caves

Keri’s unique mountainous landscape resulted in the creation of mysterious caves and natural arch formations (kamares in Greek). The steep cliffs reach the sea and embrace the many small beaches and give a heavenly image to the visitor. The color of the water is blue-green with silver reflections that simply make the Caves even more spectacular. It’s a fact that this specific location is one of the most photographed spots in Greece.

Around the area is a huge natural stone bridge known as the Megali Kamara (big arch). Through the clear waters, visitors can see the ruins of this huge arch formation deep in the ocean. Small boats pass underneath the arch and between the caves giving passengers great opportunities for taking photographs.

Other renowned caves are the caves of the bat and seal. Even some caves created by gradual deterioration offer an impressive sight. The alternation of colors in and out of the sea caves is striking as they change from blue-green to deep blue.