Zakynthian cuisine is based mainly on Mediterranean gastronomy and is characterized by the simplicity of its recipes. Local dishes are deeply rooted in time and based on ingredients that include oil, tomato, garlic, lemon and herbs. Dishes mostly consumed are rich in greens, while fish and meat are consumed in smaller quantities. More specifically, the main aspects of the Zakynthian diet include high consumption of olive oil, legumes, raw grains, fruits and vegetables. The Zakynthian cuisine includes a moderate consumption of dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, a fair consumption of fish and a low consumption of meat.

The influence of Italian cuisine is obvious as for many years the Ionian Islands were the crossroads of Western and Eastern culture and for centuries Zakynthos was part of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Also, the short period of the French rule of Zakynthos during the years of Napoleon has influenced the culinary habits of the residents. The names of the recipes are in Greek but several also have Italian names.

The Zakynthian gastronomy is characterized by historical influences, the needs of the residents, the different circumstances, and the land’s potential, which due to the very good climate and fertile soil, has produced very appetizing products.

We mustn’t forget the local wine “Verdea” with its amber color and excellent quality. The wine’s alcoholic content reaches 14 degrees and it does not cause headaches.