Laganas beach

This is one of the longest beaches in Greece with a total length of 9 kilometers with a long stretch of golden sand and shallow, warm waters. These are the main reasons that the beach has been chosen not only by visitors but also by the loggerhead sea turtle caretta-caretta for the nesting and hatching of her offspring.

The area of Laganas is touristically developed and has become one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the island. The beach is very well organized and can accommodate even the most demanding tourist seeking to enjoy sun, sea and water sports.

The calm sea and the clean shallow warm waters and the golden sand make Laganas an ideal spot for families with small children. It is important to mention that the beach does not have jellyfish as they are the “favorite food” of sea turtles.

The established National Marine Park on Zakynthos protects Laganas Bay and for that reason motorized water sports are strictly prohibited..