Kalamaki beach

This wide beach, in close distance to the tourist resort of Kalamaki, is mainly notable due to the vertical rock cliffs and the sandhills (or ammokouloumous as they say in the local dialect). Another unique feature are the sea lilies that grow in the sand, giving an exotic touch to the area's scenery. On the left side of the long sandy beach are large rocks from plaster (Gypsolithi or Ypsolithi in Greek).

Of course this beach is also protected, as it is also the nesting place for the sea turtle caretta-caretta. This is an organized beach with umbrellas and sun beds and is ideal for families with young children while a space for parking is available as well. After a refreshing swim, bathers can enjoy the local cuisine that offers traditional dishes but also the international selections of the taverns and restaurants found near the beach. When night falls, a vibrant nightlife will be found thanks to the many pubs and bars throughout the area.